The Trump Rotation

Everything Wrong with Trump According to the critics, the Democrats, and the mainstream media elites and pundits.

Any news analysis discussing Trump tends to bring into play one or more of these clichés about Trump. (Now numbered)


1.     Illegitimate President

2.     Lost the Popular Vote

3.     Incompetent

4.     White House Chaos

5.     Unhinged updated to Unglued

6.     Liar

7.     Hitler

8.     Demands loyalty

9.     Cheeseburgers is all he eats, McDonalds

10. Sex offender

11. Russian Agent

12. Never says anything bad about Putin

13. White supremacist/Pro-Nazi

14. Narcissist

15. Mentally Unfit (dummy)

16. Insane/dementia

17. Unstable

18. Clown or Bozo

19. Foreign leaders hate him

20. Hates women, misogynist

21. Hates Muslims, Islamophobic

22. Hates gays, Homophobic

23. Anti-Semite

24. Admitted molester and/or Rapist

25. 25th Amendment should be instituted

26. Should be Impeached

27. Hates immigrants

28. Hates Mexicans in particular

29. Says all Mexicans are rapists

30. Racist

31. Small hands, small penis, big red button

32. Should not have nuclear codes

33. Immature

34. Child-like, you need an adult in the room

35. Tweets too much

36. Thin-skinned

37. Bully

38. Holds grudges forever

39. Mean

40. Bankrupt/Does not have any money

41. Long ties

42. Fatter than 239 pounds

43. Plays golf too much, after criticizing Obama

44. Hypocrite by action seldom called one

45. Incestuous, would date daughter

46. Divorcee

47. Golden showers, pee pervert

48. Tax Cheat – won’t release taxes

49. Impetuous

50. Nixonian

51. Divisive

52. Corrupt/Violates the emolument clause.

53. Said Nazis are fine people in Charlottesville

54. Wants to separate families.

55. Puts children in cages.

56. Conspiracy theorist.


57. Obstruction of justice

58. Money laundering

59. Runs the mob


This information was developed and used by the No Agenda Show as a common reference. This list is managed by John C. Dvorak.




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